Slides for First and Second General Meeting
29 January 2013 by Chris Manghane in general

Hey everyone, you’ll be able to find the slides for our first and second general meetings of this quarter (winter) at these locations, respectively: First Meeting, Second Meeting.

If you want to see our slides we’re making in general, you can always find them on our RVLIO account. Thanks!

Forker Meeting!
17 January 2013 by Gabriel Limon in events

Forker meeting tonight

Hi everyone, Sorry for the short notice. We have a meeting TONIGHT 1/17/2013 in CHUNG 202 at 6PM. Please first look at the forker github and look over the “Before we start” section.

Best, Gabe

AI | HackerRank Back To School Hackathon
04 December 2012 by Chris Manghane in events

HackerRank Artificial Intelligence Competition

Hey everyone, I’m announcing a very awesome opportunity being offered to our club by the team at HackerRank:

HackerRank is kicking off the Spring semester with a Back to School Hackathon and the top ten will win a trip to Silicon Valley, meet VCs, tour tech companies and participate in a hackathon against the top 10 finishers. This will be an artificial intelligence challenge that will last for 12 hours.

For all you members looking for internship opportunities and a cool project to put on your resume, this is a great chance to get some interesting experience regardless of class level. HackerRank is a social site for hackers that has relationships with Facebook, Quora, Amazon, Pocket Gems, Evernote, Palintir and many other high-visibility companies. Doing well in this competition would definitely be a great foot in the door for future jobs.

If that’s not enough motivation to participate in this, let’s take a look at the prizes. As mentioned above, the top ten will win a trip to Silicon Valley and meet with popular Venture Capital companies as well as tour software engineering companies. But that’s not all. First place wins $2000 and gets to meet with partners of the popular starter backer, YCombinator. Second place wins $1000, third place wins $500, fourth wins $250, and fifth wins $125.

I’d really love to see some ACM participation in this event. You’ll be competing with many colleges around the world and there will be some major bragging rights for the winner. Also, you’ll get to test the extent of your knowledge and learn a lot. If you are interested in participating in this, please register for the competition here. Other than that, good luck everyone. I’m sure you can rank high!

Review Sessions for lower division CS
04 December 2012 by Chris Manghane in events

Important information about ACM@UCR Review Sessions for CS 10/12/14/61/100

Hey everyone, just an official reminder that ACM’s review sessions are going to start tomorrow and go on until the end of the week (one exception). We’ve finally collected enough time preferences from both volunteers and participants as well as material from professors. This is what the schedule is going to look like, tentatively:

CS 10: Miller/Linard
Time: Thursday, 12/6/12 @ 6:30 - 8:30
Location: WCH 103, 205/6 (Tentatively)
Details: Meet in WCH 226 and be split up into groups to go to different rooms since there are a large amount of students attending

CS 12: Miller
Time: Wednesday, 12/5/12 @ 6:30 - 8:30
Location: The ACM Clubroom, WCH 226

CS 14: Payne
Details: There will be no official review sessions for CS14 since we haven't gotten the go-ahead from the faculty. However, feel free to stop by in ACM this week and next week to ask any questions you have about class material.

CS 61: Linard
Time: Friday, 12/7/12 @ 6 - 8
Location: WCH 205/6 (across the patio from 226)

CS 100: Klefstad
Time: Wednesday, 12/5/12 @ 5 - 7
Location: WCH 202
Details: This is a NOT formal review session. It's more a of question and answer session to help you understand some of the concepts taught in the class. We're not going to talk about anything code-specific, unless it is necessary

Hopefully you can all make it and please bring any questions you have for us to try to answer. One thing to note is that we are not allowed to help you with programming assignments at this session. This will be covering topics and materials gone over in class. We can discuss previous programming assignments, but not current ones. If you have any questions or noticed something I missed, please feel free to email me @

ACM@UCR's Fall Lan Party 2012
03 December 2012 by Chris Manghane in events

First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped out with and was able to attend the ACM@UCR Fall 2012 Lan Party this previous Saturday, November 30th. In particular, I need to thank Victor Hill and Grant Brady who pulled a lot of their resources and time to help set up the machines to be able to run Steam in such a short amount of time. They’re definitely the heroes in all this. If you see them around, repeat verbatim: “Good job and get some sleep!”

At the same time, thank you to everyone who showed up and kicked off the event. All the planning in the world means nothing if no one shows up to your events, right? Although we never did get Steam keys (shaking fist at Valve), I hope everyone that attended had a lot of fun and got some stress out before the final stretch.

So good news for anyone interested, we plan to try to get one of these together every quarter! I’ll do a better job of advertising this time, I swear!

In all seriousness, my apologies to those who were unclear about the details or unaware of the existence of the event. Since the turn-out was really great and the participation was spectacular (it was still going on strong at 11pm that night), we will definitely up our efforts to make sure everyone can come and have fun.

Meanwhile, I’m driving to Gabe Newell’s house right now to beg him for Steam keys for next and/or teach him to count to 3. Good luck on your finals!

ACM@UCR's ICPC results
03 December 2012 by Chris Manghane in events

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<h4>ACM ICPC Contestants</h4>
<p>Pictured (From left to right, front row to back row): Benjamin Kellogg, Ferris Nehme, Gabriel Limon, Armando Gonzalez, Hua Hsin, Randy Truong, Jordan Schuetz, Chris Mueller, Rudresh Amin, Manuel Sanchez, Miguel Martinez</center>

About a month ago, on November 10th, a group of ACM members, including myself, participated in the Southern California International Collegiate Programming Competition hosted at Riverside Community College. This is a yearly algorithm competition that we try to go to every year unless there is something that prohibits us.

This year, our teams consisted of ACM members with a varying range of algorithmic knowledge including Freshman through Senior level students, some without prior programming experience. Regardless of that, our teams performed very well against what was some very intimidating competition: 70 teams including favorites from Harvey Mudd, Caltech, and USC.

Overall, our teams, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, ranked between 20th and 53rd place against the 70 other teams. We were actually ranked higher than that after the competition ended, but there was recently a re-scoring of one of the problems due to some judging error that knocked our ranks down slightly.

You can see the official competition standings here, but I’ll break it down for you all:

  • Team Raphael (Benjamin Kellogg, Chris Mueller, Gabriel Limon) stands in 20th place, solving 4 problems with 0 penalties and a time of 11:37:09.
  • Team Donatello (Armando Gonzalez, Ferris Nehme, Jordan Schuetz) stands in 22nd place, solving 3 problems with 1 penalty and a time of 4:03:19.
  • Team Leonardo (Hua Hsin, Miguel Martinez, Rudresh Amin) stands in 41st place, solving 2 problems with 0 penalties and a time of 3:29:15.
  • Team Michelangelo (Randy Truong, Manuel Sanchez) stands in 53rd place, solving 2 problems with 2 penalties and a time of 6:21:46.

I’m really proud of the performance of this group, especially the non-seniors. They have some real potential to score very well if they choose to participate in the future. So, if you see these guys around ACM, you know who is going to beat you in our local programming competitions that are coming up. Also, give them a pat on the back for their performance.

P.S. The problem set from the competition is posted here if you want to see how well you can do against these problems. I believe you can submit them to check your solution on the UVA Online Judge.