Chess Tournament 2013
02 April 2013 by Tina Wang in events

Hey everyone, we will be having to chess tournament soon, and if you are interested then please sign up here on the following sign-up sheet.

Also, here are the tournament rules

ACM Officer Elections
07 March 2013 by Chris Manghane in general

Hey everyone,

Brandon and David quizzed me the other day about exactly what officers do in ACM other than lounge around and tell bad jokes, so I think it’s pretty certain that others have similar questions. That’s my bad, as one of my goals was to make the officers’ duties pretty transparent. Maybe there isn’t a particularly good platform for doing that in ACM currently, but that’s a different discussion.

Anyways, let’s get to the point. Most of the officers are either graduating or moving on to other things for next year. So we need people who really care about the state of this crazy club to replace them and keep us running semi-smoothly. Well, that’s a little bit hard to do if you have no idea what we do, right? If you want a better idea about what we were really trying to do with the club, you should refer to our OKRs. We only gave you a cute little snippet of them in our first, so here’s the actual full versions:

Officer OKRs

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Historian
  6. Membership Coordinator
  7. Webmaster

The current situation

Let’s preface with who is not going to be an officer next year: Justin Kahal (Vice Chair), John Sullivan (Treasurer), Ben Kellogg (Membership Coordinator), and myself (Chair & Webmaster). Also, whether or not Christine Hawley (Secretary) and Tina Wang (Historian) plan to reapply for the position depends on them. So, at the very least, we’re going to need replacements for 5 positions (webmaster isn’t necessary as it’s own position). That’s a lot of replacements so that’s why we want to find out who’s interested so we can elect and train the new officers as soon as possible.

The nitty gritty

“Ok, that sounds kind of scary, but what do you all actually do?” Well, let’s see:

TL;DR: Here’s detailed descriptions of what we do. Please find something you like and nominate yourself or someone else.


As Chair, my job is to manage all of our assets and build relationships with the different BCOE organizations in order to secure the present and future growth of ACM. I’m concerned with making sure everyone is getting something out of ACM other than an headache and I try to delegate all of the work that implies to the other officers, as well as making final decisions when there are alternatives. I’m just a figurehead, though, and all the real work gets done by

Vice Chair

As Vice Chair, Justin’s job is to, as he put it, ”assure political, economical, social, and physical stability in the club.” He’s the one who will randomly strike up a conversation with you to find out what you’re up to and what your preferences are so we can have awesome social events. This is really helpful as it allows us to be able to keep members relatively happy. He also makes sure that the club itself doesn’t fall apart, either through being trashed or being broke, by regularly organizing events like lab cleanups and fundraisers. At the same time, he manages the other officers to make sure that we all work together and acts as my stand-in.


As Secretary, Christine’s job is to connect us officers to our members and other BCOE students by acting as a liaison. She’s the one reminding everyone of events happening in the future like this week’s Lan Party and the General Meeting earlier this week. She’ll try to sit in on other clubs’ meetings to find out what they’re up so we can keep up to date and confirm the details of everything. She takes a ton of notes at the meetings to make sure we keep on track with the things we promised we do and keeps everything in working condition.


As Treasurer, John’s job is to worry about the actual details of keeping ACM funded and sustainable for the future. He manages all of the club’s funding by keeping a detailed treasurer’s report of all club purchases made and reimbursements received. He also manages the club refrigerator fund, making it clear to members how much money is needed for the next refill and when he plans to refill it. Without John, we wouldn’t have midnight fuel for that programming assignment we started on the day it was due. He also approves any funding we might need for events we’d like to hold. Basically, his job is to smack some sense into us the next time we offer $300 in Google Store prizes at a programming competition or spend $200 on hardly used club jerseys.


As Historian, Tina’s job is to meticulously record what goes on throughout the entire year. This is really helpful because it is really impossible to see the future when you don’t know what you’ve already done. We are able to use these records to look for ways to improve on our events and make sure we never forget anything. At the same time, she might as well be our second secretary. She also does a lot of the detailed work that actually keeps things in working condition such as showing up to necessary events and doing basically all the work.

Membership Coordinator

As Membership Coordinator, Ben’s job is to reach out to the BCOE community and beyond to help us hold events that will get us a chance to gain more members and bond with the active ones better. For example, Ben is the one who corresponds with Steam to try to get us keys to no avail and regularly helps out at tabling events to talk about the club. He also helps out a lot with organizing the meetings to make sure everything goes smoothly and all members are accounted for.


As webmaster, my job is to keep ACM@UCR’s web presence up-to-date and try to make the website easy to develop and extend for club purposes. This involves creating whatever necessary tools and tutorials seem appropriate at the time. ACM@UCR has a Github account dedicated to these kinds of things if you didn’t notice the link at the bottom.

And that’s about it. If you managed to get this far and one of these positions interests you or you think you can just do better than us, please get in contact with us so we can nominate you for these positions. The future of ACM rests in your palms.

ACM Last General Meeting this Monday
01 March 2013 by Chris Manghane in news

Hey everyone,

Don’t forget to come to our final general meeting for this quarter! We’ll be discussing the upcoming Lan Party (March 8th), the upcoming Chess Tournament and Website Workshop, and debriefing on the Programming Competition and E-Week.

We’ll also be talking about new officer elections. We want to do elections in either the first or second general meeting of next quarter, so if you’re interested in taking any of these positions, please start to speak up now!

And finally, don’t forget that the ACM T-Shirt designs are due this Monday. So, if you’ve been working on one and want to turn it in, please email us at

See you then!

ACM Meeting Monday!
03 February 2013 by Christine Hawley in events

Meeting this Moday 2/4/13 at WCH 205/6 5- 6 pm!

Food will be provided! Be there!!!

Local Programming Competition, Winter 2013
01 February 2013 by Chris Manghane in events

Hey everyone, join us in the ACM Clubroom (WCH 226) for our local programming competition this winter. It will be held on Week 7 (same week as E-Week) from Noon to 5PM, tentatively.

So far, the supported languages are going to be C/C++ and Java. We will have Professors Marek Chrobak and Neal Young choosing and explaining the problem set with assistance from graduate student Li Yan. There will also be a nice set of prizes to reward those who reach the top 3-5 ranks and food provided to fuel your programming.

This event is open to everyone so if you or someone you know is interested, please email the ACM Chair at We are currently looking for more teams to register, so when you email us, make sure you specify the other team members you want or that you are looking for a team or that you want to be a team of one. Teams can be up to 3 people. See you there!

ACM Web Development Workshop
01 February 2013 by Chris Manghane in events

Hey everyone, join me and your favorite webslinger as we answer the age-old question:

“HOW DO I SHOT WEB(SITES)” - An End-To-End Look At Building Websites

The topics that are going to be covered in the set of workshops will be:

  1. Running websites on your local machine's localhost with LAMP/XAMPP/WAMP
  2. Purchasing a domain name, hosting, or server
  3. Front End languages: HTML/CSS/JS
  4. Templating Languages and Front-end frameworks
  5. A touch on the backend: PHP/JS/Python/Ruby
  6. Storing Data: SQL/NoSQL/Amazon AWS
  7. On the server side: HTTP servers like Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in participating in this, please email to show your interest. Once we have at least 20 signups, we’ll begin to discuss the best times and other extra technical details.