Hackathon Fall 2013 Results
25 November 2013 by Samuel Hong in events

Hey guys!
Congratulations to the winners of ACM's Fall 2013 Hackathon!
Winning team: get_stuff_done

Team get_stuff_done from left to right: Manny Sanchez, Tina Wang, Benjamin Kellogg, and Matthew Underwood

The winning team made a website for collaborative whiteboarding. Very much like in concept to google docs, their website allows multiple users to draw on the same whiteboard at the same time!

I was purely amazed at the turnout for the hackathon! There were EIGHT teams that showed a final product at the end. Most teams made games while other teams made practical products. All in all, it was an impressive display of both teamwork and willingness to learn new technologies!

I know a lot of teams either did not have full functionality or were unable to show a complete product. I hope that you guys will continue onward and finish what you started.

There was a lot of Facebook swag that was distributed. 1st place winners took home: 2 Facebook bags + 1 Facebook Sweater + 1 Facebook Umbrella. 2nd Place winners got: 2 Facebook Sweaters, while 3rd place got a Facebook umbrella! Then everyone got participation prizes including Facebook stickers and Facebook "like" magnets!

As this event was such a success, we'll definitely contact ESRI to see if they'll sponsor our next Hackathon. In case you didn't attend our last general meeting, ESRI has indicated interest in sponsoring a hackathon next quarter using their SDK if the hackathon this quarter was a success.

Again, congratulations to Team get_stuff_done!

Embedded Systems Workshop
20 November 2013 by Samuel Hong in events

Hey guys, here’s some more links for our Embedded Systems Workshop!

Lab 3: Finite State MachinesLab 4: Finite State Machines with Transitions

Lab times are: Mondays 6-7 Tuesdays 5-6 Fridays 6-7

Feel free to show up to any of them even if you’re new!

ACM Hackathon Fall 2013
20 November 2013 by Samuel Hong in events

Hey ACM!

Come join us for our Hackthon this Friday at 6pm

There will be prizes provided by Facebook

Create something for any of the following technologies:
Web App

Food and Drinks will be provided!!

ACM's 4th General Meeting Fall 2013
20 November 2013 by Samuel Hong in general

Hey guys, in case you weren’t able to make our final meeting here’s the slides:

ACM 4th General Meeting Fall 2013

Good luck on finals everyone and see you next year!

Resume Builder
17 November 2013 by Miguel Martinez in general

For those of you wanting to update your Resume and need help! Here is a resourceful link that could help you get an internship or job interview. There are sample resumes with some don’ts.

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<a href="https://github.com/acm-ucr/hub/blob/master/resume-workshop/main-guide.md"> Resume Help

ACM 3rd General Meeting Fall 2013
11 November 2013 by Samuel Hong in general

Hey guys, thanks for coming out for the Unity workshop!!

If anyone missed our (short) meeting, here’s the slides:

ACM's 3rd General Meeting

Study hard!!